We all hear cases of this dreadful disease called Cancer. People suffering from this disease undergo such painful and exhaustive therapies to cure cancer. Not only do the patients but also their families undergo a traumatic experience. Lucky are the people who survive this disease.

I am discussing this case from Astrological viewpoint, where a lady was diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent therapy and survived this disease. I have previously discussed a case of a throat cancer survivor where onset of the disease should be analyzed from previous planetary dashas from the time the disease is diagnosed. It is equally important to analyse the following planetary dashas to check whether it is pointing towards the cure of the disease or if the disease is getting prolonged.

In this case, I will be briefly explaining the basic planetary combinations that indicate this dreadful disease of cancer.

                                      Birth Chart of Cancer Patient

Navamsha chart

Trimshamsha or D-30 chart

In the birth chart, Capricorn sign is rising in the ascendant at 28 degree 01 min. Most striking feature in this horoscope is the exchange between ascendant lord Saturn and twelfth lord Jupiter. Both are retrograde planets . It is commonly observed that retrograde malefic planets play a key role in triggering diseases.

Malefic Jupiter placed in the ascendant is also getting debilitated in Saturn’s sign. Malefic Mars influencing the ascendant further afflicts the ascendant and malefic Jupiter placed in it. Jupiter continues to be a malefic planet in the divisional charts; however, strength of ascendant lord Saturn improves in Navamsha and Trimshamsha. Strength of this horoscope also improves due to the presence of auspicious Mercury in the kendra and and with the presence of natural benefics along 2–8 axis improving the longevity of the person.

Dasha Analysis

Vedic Astrology deeply explores the concept of Prarabdha Karma and Sanchit Karma. In simple words, promises in a horoscope indicate our Prarabdha Karmas out which planetary dashas (planetary period) deliver karmas related to a particular life span.

In her case, breast cancer was detected in 2009 in the period of Saturn/Rahu. Saturn is the weak and afflicted ascendant lord of the birth chart placed in twelfth house. It is a retrograde planet. As mentioned earlier malefic, retrograde planets placed in sixth, eighth and twelfth houses are capable of causing diseases.

Notice dasha of Saturn is third from the opening dasha at birth. According to the principles of Vedic Astrology, third, fifth and seventh planetary dasha ( main period) from the dasha at birth can be inauspicious for a person.Saturn’s strength improves in Navamsha and it also becomes a vargottam planet. Saturn therefore holds the promises of curing the disease essentially towards the end of its dasha.

Rahu, the antardasha lord is placed in the eighth house of the birth chart with auspicious Venus. Rahu is also under the influence of strong Moon a natural benefic. Rahu’s placement in the eighth house ( chronic diseases) does raise concerns about her health however, influence of benefics Venus and Moon indicate some respite from the dreadful disease. Rahu is under mixed planetary influences in Navamsha and Trimshamsha. She was diagnosed with breast cancer during this period.

Her treatment continued in the following period of Saturn/Jupiter. We have seen earlier Jupiter is a weak and afflicted planet placed in the ascendant. Jupiter among other things also signifies medicines and treatment. Since both, Saturn and Jupiter are afflicted and retrograde planets in the horoscope, it is very likely that her treatment would have been prolonged and there could also have been some changes in her line of treatment.

This was followed by the auspicious dasha of Mercury. It is the auspicious lord of luck in the horoscope strongly placed in a kendra. Mercury is also a vargottam planet promising complete cure of disease. She completely recovered from the disease and is now leading a healthy life.

This horoscope analysis can be broadly summarized in terms of promises for disease in a horoscope and the planetary period that would reflect the onset, duration and promises for cure of disease. As mentioned earlier, malefic and weak planets placed in sixth , eighth and twelfth houses among other things also trigger diseases. The outcome of disease can be judged from the planetary dasha when the disease is diagnosed as well as from the following planetary period. It has been observed if onset of a disease is followed by the period of a strong and benefic planet, a person usually has strong chances of recovery keeping the promises of horoscope in mind.