As a homemaker, I have spent days and months trying to figure out how to de-stress myself and keep my life balanced, positive and productive. I would like to share few tips I have applied to my life and I believe they will work all the ladies out there. First and the foremost thing to understand is that life is NOT the same each day, it has its own ebbs and flows. You may not have a perfect day, but you can surely bag a perfect moment in a day.
In my research to lead an effective life, I read several articles and blogs . Honestly, I liked them all since all of them had a different perspective to lead an effective life . My sharing with you is an amalgamation of all the learning I let inside me and the understanding that came out . I am sure that each one of us have their own distress mechanisms developed over a period of time, but I intend to reach out to those, who need that very first step towards, balancing their lives.
I would like to starting with an old book saying, 'Always be happy'. Being happy sounds so stereotypical. You may say, ' Yeah !! everyone says be happy, but how ?? ' Let me start by giving an example that whenever I am stressed out, I take five minutes from my time, go to youtube and watch the most hilarious video or program I love the most. Moment I have my first laughter, I feel half of my stress is already out of system. I don't mind, finding moments now and then in my day to laugh, after all laughter is the best medicine. I make it a point to often meet people who share the same passion for life and laughter. Therefore, in my list, laughter hold the first and the foremost place for destressing.
Second on my list is my good old water. Water has a properly of detoxifying the body. Stress in physiological sense is a toxic chemical build up in the body which needs to be release. I keep my bottle of water handy and sip water throughout the day. Now everyone has a personal preference for flavor and temperature of water, I personally prefer slightly cold water with a hint of lemon. Water not only helps uplift my mood, but also helps cut down my tea and coffee intake .
Another interesting addition to my list of stress busters are the adorable pets. I love playing with my Labrador. He brings so much of positive energy and happiness in our life. Five minutes of play time with my pet has a magical effect on my mind and body. I understand many people don't have pets around them, they can then try spending sometime with plants. Just like pets, plants also help reduce stress in life. Have you ever spent some time with your surrounding plants? If you are a plant lover like myself you will know how plants bond with us. For me seeing that tiny bud of flower or even a new leaf in my plant brings immense happiness.
I therefore feel, If there are stress triggers around us, there are also several ways of destressing our lives. I can think of another popular and a globally accepted method of reducing stress, cooking and baking. If you know what I mean, cooking is an art, an expression of your inner state. Delicious food is a result of happy heart and blissful soul. People all over the world love their moms cooking, since mothers cooks from their loving heart .
Other forms of creativity such as art, decor, painting can also be greats ways of expressing yourselves and destressing your life. A MUST for every woman is to take time off from their busy routine for exercise. Any form of exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming, yoga, bike ride or simply grooving to your favorite tune can help uplift your mood.
Know that life will throw different challenges each day, accepting this fact alone can help cope with stressful situations, but please remember there is always a way to relax and get your mind and body in harmony with the flow of life. Stress is naturally meant to be released from the system, with these simple steps you can certainly make a big difference to your life.