Vedic Astrology can be a helpful tool in detecting the onset, duration and recovery period from a disease. In a horoscope, planetary combination for diseases gets activated in planetary dasha that point towards the onset of diseases as well as the recovery period from any disease or ailment. Pattern of planetary dashas also indicate the duration of disease and/or if the disease will get cured soon. Based on this theory, I am discussing a horoscope of my dear friend who was diagnosed with Oral Cancer and he was successfully able to recover from this dreadful disease.

This is the horoscope of an Army Officer. A person who is trained to be mentally and physically tough to face any kind of unexpected challenges in life. With Gods blessings he fully recovered from the disease within a brief span of period with treatment. God's will or the promises of recovery in this horoscope can be seen from the pattern of planetary dasha he was undergoing when he started the treatment in January, 2007 and recovered from his illness.

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In this horoscope, Scorpio sign is rising in the ascendant. Mars, the lord of ascendant is placed in the ninth house in its sign of debilitation . This is a good placement of ascendant lord, with certain weakness. There is no benefic planet influencing the ascendant or its lord. Ascendant gains sufficient strength due to the presence of auspicious Moon in Kendra and also with presence of cluster of planets in the house of gains. Mars gains strength in Navamsha due to its placement in its own sign Scorpio. Mars is also the lord of disease in this horoscope. House of disease is under the influence of two naturally benefic planets - Jupiter and Venus. These benefic planets provide additional strength to the horoscope to overcome diseases and remain healthy.

He was diagnosed with Oral Cancer in January, 2007. I am limiting myself in discussing the promises of Cancer in this horoscope as my objective is to show the pattern of diseases according to planetary dashas. I will touch bases on this disease as I discuss the planetary dashas. This diagnosis came in the dasha of Jupiter/Jupiter.

Jupiter is the auspicious trinal lord placed in the second house of the horoscope in its mooltrikona sign. Jupiter is also a vargottam planet in the horoscope. The most baffaling concern for any Astrologers would be how could such an auspicious and benefic planet cause such a dreadful disease? I myself thought about it for a moment since our limited perception allows us to look for answers in the present situation. But our Jyotish Guru, Shri. K.N. Rao taught us to look for the possibilities in the connecting and overlapping dashas.

Taking clue from my Guru's teachings I went a step back into the dasha of Rahu.

Rahu is placed in the fifth house of the horoscope. The house of Sanskars and past life Karma's. Rahu is placed in Pisces ( sign of Jupiter).It is under the influence of malefics Mercury and Sun. It is in very close degrees with malefic Mercury, the eight lord and also a retrograde planet in the horoscope. Mercury being a malefic eighth lord ( house of past life karma's materializing) and a retrograde planet, indicates the onset of an unexpected disease. Rahu is also placed in Revati nakshatra (a GandMool nakshatra, could it bring major changes and uncertainties. in his life?).

Starting from Rahu/Saturn in March, 1993 is a curious observation about the placement of all the following antardasha lords in 6th, 7th, 8th house from the mahadasha lord Rahu. Mutual placement of antardasha lords in these houses from Rahu, also indicates towards the onset of disease that will steadily grow during this dasha without any respite in Rahu period.

The ending period Rahu/Mars from January, 2005 appears bad on the surface. Dasha of two malefics would generally mean the full onset of disease, but there lies a clue in this dasha. Dasha of Rahu, was to be followed by the dasha of Jupiter, a benefic planet, who promised a cure or relief from disease. Also, Rahu and Mars the placed in the two auspicious trinal houses of the horoscope, indicating the role of fate or God's will in helping him overcome this


As described to me, his cancer was detected in January of 2007 in Jupiter/Jupiter period . He took three months of therapy and fully recovered from his disease in the same period.

My understanding and analysis of this horoscope from disease point of view is that the planetary period of benefic Jupiter brought this dreadful disease to the surface, helped him identify and cure the disease. Onset of this dreadful disease had already started in the previous dasha of Rahu, who was only fulfilling the promises of past life karma and also promising respite in the following mahadasha of Jupiter.