Bedroom is a place, where we retire after a hectic day, working and dealing with daily tasks and challenges in our life. This place should be comfortable, welcoming and soothing to our senses. An uncomfortable bedroom, can not only disrupt sleep but also impact our day to day life.
I would like to discuss the five must haves for your bedroom.
1. Choice of colors - Bedroom, should essentially be composed of soothing and neutral colors. The best color choices would be ivory white, soft blue and light green. These colors have a calming effect on our senses and help in sleeping better. Neutral colors can be used in bedroom anytime of the year. In cold weather you may add red and brown colors in combination with neutral colors. Red and Brown , the fiery and earthy colors are especially comforting in winters. But the key word is to use them in moderation.
2. Soft lights - Many people are aware of the use of soft lights in bedrooms, to get restful sleep. Use of white and yellow colored soft lights is recommended and any kind of colored lights in bedroom should be avoided. Also, the bedroom should not have direct light source and therefore, the light should not fall directly on eyes. Only the surrounding should be illuminated without stimulating the eyes much.
3. Electronics - Minimize, Minimize and Minimize electronics in bedroom. Yes, it is true that with our modern day lifestyle, televisions and electronics have found a permanent place in bedroom. But it is essential to keep the electronics away from this room to minimize the harmful effect of radio waves on comforting environment of our bedroom. Electronics should especially be removed from kids room, as their psychological development can get deeply impacted by the presence of electronics in bedroom.
4. Natural material -Bedroom essentially comprises of a bed ( furniture) and linen including bed sheets, pillows, bedspreads and comforters. It is highly recommended to use furniture made up of natural material such as wood. Modern styling in bedroom furniture has introduced metal, such as steel and cast iron in bed frames. However, use of metal in bedroom furniture is not the best choice for a sound sleep. As for linen, natural fabric such as cotton is highly recommended. There are many scientific advantages of using this fabric in bedroom over others, as cotton interacts best with any kind of skin type. It is especially recommended for people with sensitive skin.
5. Windows - It is essential for bedroom to have windows for natural source of light. Sunlight entering the bedroom not only disinfects the room but also energizes it. It is important to open the bedroom windows for couple of hours during the daytime for circulation of fresh air in the bedroom.
Following these simple steps, you can not only enjoy a restful sleep but also get a healthy body. Apart from the above mentioned tips, you can try several other methods for a healthy living such as use of aromatic oils and candles in your bedroom, or perhaps soft music that can help you sleep better.