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Money is one of the basic needs for survival . Everyone wants to acquire wealth and save it for their rainy days. Among the human population of 7.6 billion, fractional percentage have the opportunity to amass a great amount of wealth and make it to the “upper class” while majority people in lower and middle income group struggle and put in a great amount of effort, sweat and risk to amass wealth.

In the real world, people generally don’t ask , ‘where will I gain wealth from or what will my net worth?’. Our mind is trained and limited to the various sources of income and wealth including — job, business, independent professionals, inheritance and sometimes questionable means of acquiring wealth. Limited perception and knowledge sometimes leads a person in a direction that may not be suitable as per ones abilities causing wastage of time, effort and even financial losses.

Vedic Astrology can be a guiding tool for those who seek to discover their inherent potential and are willing to understand the role of destiny in their lives. As a consultant in Vedic Astrology, I believe in guiding people to realize their inherent potential, embrace their skills and make a sincere effort to lead a happy and decent life — materially, emotionally and spiritually.

Astrology is a vast subject which among other areas of human life covers financial success and material prosperity of a person. A horoscope can reflect a persons sources of wealth, time of acquiring it and if for any reasons loosing this wealth. Astrology can help people channelize their energies in exploring a suitable sources of income and wealth. Generally I have noticed that people are thinking about their financial prospects along the same direction as promised in their horoscope.

Lets see some key pointers for wealth analysis in a horoscope :

  1. In a horoscope, eleventh house is the house of gains and second house is the house of accumulated wealth.
  2. Lords of eleventh and second house play an important role in determining the source(s) of wealth.
  3. Strong planets placed in the eleventh and second house help in determining the source of wealth.
  4. Planets aspecting these wealth giving houses and/or lords also play a critical role in determining the source of wealth.
  5. Planetary period or Dasha related to the above wealth giving houses or planets will trigger the flow of wealth.

Thumb Rule: Strong and benefic planets influencing the houses and lords of wealth will give gain in their period whereas weak and malefic planets influencing the house and lord of wealth cause crisis and financial losses.

Let me show you with some cases studies on financial ups and downs.

Case 1: Source of wealth Job ( IT Consultant) and Real Estate Investments :

Case 1. Wealth through Job and Real Estate Investments

This person moved to a foreign country and made a great fortune for himself through top management position in IT sector and with investments in real estate.

  1. Eleventh house or the house of gains is ruled by Saturn also the lord of profession in this horoscope promising financial gains through ones profession. Saturn is a retrograde and an afflicted planet in the horoscope, which also indicates financial losses through jobs. ( This person had many changes in his jobs, which did impact his finances growth to some extent).
  2. House of gains is occupied by Mercury. Mercury is a fairly strong planet in the horoscope which gave him reasonable gains through shares, stocks and mutual funds.

Notice the lordship of Mercury, he tried his hands at business where he had a fair success but had to quit due to financial challenges and debts.

3. House of wealth or the second house is ruled by Venus. There are no planetary influences on the house of wealth. Notice the house of wealth hemmed between malefic planets and therefore strength of this house is reduced.

4. Second lord Venus is a retrograde planet associated with two auspicious trinal lords Sun and Jupiter. All these planets are influencing the fourth house ( house of property). He had major financial gains through sale and purchase of property.

5. His financial gains mostly happened in the period of Sun from 1999–2005. Source of these gains was savings through job that he invested in real estate and made a big buck for himself.

Case 2: Case of frequent financial ups and downs.

Case 2. Frequent financial ups and downs

Here’s another horoscope where person had major gains followed by losses within a short span of time (months).

Lets see the condition of wealth giving houses and planets in his horoscope.

  1. Eleventh house is ruled by Moon, strongly placed in it its own house. It is receiving aspect from malefic and retrograde Jupiter.
  2. House of wealth is ruled by Venus, who is ill placed in the twelfth house in enemy sign. Exalted Saturn, the auspicious trinal lord is placed in the house of wealth.

In nutshell, although this horoscope has great potential for financial gains or making money, but there are some cons too that will cause losses and impact the money making promises of the horoscope.

3. Period of Ketu/Jupiter and Ketu/Saturn from August, 2016 — September, 2018 was a period of major ups and downs in his financial health.

Why Ketu ? what does Ketu hold for him in terms of finances ? It is not making any direct connections with the houses of wealth, but it is placed on four-ten axis of the horoscope, under the influence of several strong planets. His house of profession is getting fully activated during this period. Therefore, will become one of the key sources of wealth and gains the period of Ketu.

Note : Mahadasha lord Ketu is NOT making connections with wealth giving houses or lords. This should not be overlooked.

His wealth giving phase started in the sub period of Jupiter influencing the house of gains. As mentioned above, Jupiter is not a benefic planet in this horoscope and being a retrograde planet, he lost all the wealth he had gained in this period within the span of a month.

Sub-period of Saturn was comparatively better. Exalted and benefic Saturn again gave him an opportunity to build his wealth. His financial growth started towards October, 2017 which continued all the way till mid January, 2018 when again he felt a gradual dip in his wealth.

Case 3. Horoscope of a government officer of middle income group stature who suddenly took a financial leap by acquiring and accumulating wealth in an illegal manner.

Case 3. Financial leap through illegal means

This is a case study of a government officer with moderate financial success who made a quantum leap by acquiring and amassing huge wealth by illegitimate methods.

Lets take a quick look at the condition of wealth giving houses and lords in this horoscope.

  1. House of gains is ruled by Saturn who is well placed in the ascendant with another wealth giving planet Mars. This is a very strong placement of wealth giving planets in a horoscope. Due to their natural malefic nature and also due to their association with malefics Rahu and Ketu, source of income becomes questionable in this case.
  2. House of gains is fairly strong with placement of two planets in it. However, Mercury and Venus placed in the house of gains are conditional malefic planets. Venus being a malefic and also the eighth lord of the horoscope, point towards gains through illegal (hidden)means.
  3. He entered the period of Venus from July, 2004. Venus is a strong planet activating the house of gains. It was around this time his financial growth took a major leap. Worth noticing is the malefic role of Venus which not only gave him wealth through illegal means but also imprisonment for 15–20 days mainly between 2007–2008.

Analyzing these three horoscopes from the point of view of wealth, it can be seen that benefic and malefic planets influencing the wealth giving houses have a great influence on the quality and quantity of wealth a person will amass.

Planetary dasha (period)is also a key factor determining wealth analysis. When a person gets the main period of a wealth giving planets, his promises and success in accumulating wealth will increase. Whereas, if a person gets the sub or sub-sub period of a wealth giving planets, he will not fully enjoy the wealth giving promises of the horoscope and the results will be a mixed bag.