In our daily life we often face situations and events where we need to make important decisions. It is man’s natural tendency to think about their unresolved issues and challenges. Sometimes we try to find our answers ourselves and other times we seek guidance from family members and other experts in the society. It is critical to every human being to find answers to their unresolved issues and questions. The divine science of astrology, Vaastu shastra and numerology play a critical role in this man's eternal quest. These ancient sciences although very different in approach from modern science, still hold great relevance in your daily lives.

Human Life is bound to Karmas. Our ancient scriptures, describe these various types of Karmas. There are the total accumulated Karmas, then there are Karmas allocated for a certain life and then there are those that we accumulate during our lifetime.

Our horoscope is a mirror of our Karmas - good and bad actions. The planetary dashas that we get at birth decides the course of our life, if we were to receive the fruits of certain Karmas in this life or to suffer/exhaust the consequences of our past actions. This is certainly not a fixed theory. We are not only born to exhaust our Karmas, but we are also the masters of our free will.

Autobiography of a Yogi, chapter 16, 'Outwitting the Starts' gives a deeper insight into the law of Karmas and how they affect human beings and yet a man can burn the seeds of his past karma, by roasting them in the fire of meditation, light of super-consciousness and by taking right actions.

History reflects many such example of Men and Women, who have achieved the impossible with their shear will power and free will. Then arises the question is your horoscope not supposed to reflect your free will too? The answer is yes. Individual horoscope should reflect their strength  and determined character or even weak or gullible minds.

With each passing dasha, our live unfolds life like petals of a flower, it reveals to us a new facet of our selves. That means throughout our lives we are on a journey of realizing ourselves. Then there are the chosen few who attain self-realization with the blessings of God. For those who  are on the journey of self-discovery, Astrology can be a guiding tool, to help you choose a better and more harmonious course for your life, to achieve happiness and to be able to realize your full potential.